Writer. Illustrator. Fan of all things Pop Culture.


Liz Mayorga is an artist from Southeast LA. She prides herself in being from a working class Mexican neighborhood, and being from a city that embraces subculture. LA's DIY culture, especially that of early Punk and Hip Hop, shaped her perspective on art and community. 

Liz moved to the Bay Area in 2004 for college. Since then, Liz has become active member of the Bay Area's Zine and DIY Art community. She was the Director of the San Francisco Zine Fest between 2012 - 2015. She has also been involved in youth programs, and has lead workshops on zines, art, and creative writing to encourage kids find a creative outlet. 

instagram: @lizmayorga1

twitter: @lizmayorga1

facebook: Liz Mayorga Art

email: liz@lizmayorga.com